On Deck


On her first baseball: "When I was a child, we made our own baseballs and bats. Ours were made of rocks and tape, and I enjoyed doing that. That's where I learned to play."
On going pro: "Baseball means everything to me. The better I got, the more I wanted to play. It kept me in focus of myself."
On her teammates: "I was among men of greatness, men of quality. These men knew what it meant to be a gentleman, and I was very grateful to be there."


On baseball: "My family is an all-baseball family. My dad used to take me to League Park, and my brother and I always played baseball and followed the Cleveland Indians, so I've got a lot of heroes."
On meeting one such hero: "When we got to Boston, I wanted to meet Ted Williams, him being such a great slugger and what not. So we finally waved him over, ... and we had a really nice conversation."
On women in baseball: "This event and these historical honors go to the courageous young women of the past who dared crash the barriers of an all-male national sport."
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