Live Music Sounds Better In the Summer

Daune Robinson, 43, WMVX 106.5 FM,3 to 7 p.m. weekdays
Most Memorable Summer Concert
: Human Rights Now! Sept. 19, 1988,John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia: My mom had always wanted to seeBruce Springsteen, and I am a Peter Gabrielfanatic. They were both in the lineup.So I took a day off work. She boughtthe plane tickets and concert tickets,and we had an overnight in Philadelphia. It was a nicemother-daughter concert experience."
Looking Forward To: Nickel Creek, July 18, CainPark, Cleveland Heights
Jim Mantel, 49, WGAR 99.5 FM,5 to 9 a.m. weekdays
Most Memorable Summer Concert:
The Blossom Festival Band, July 4, 1992, Blossom Music Center: "My wife and I had always wanted to go to Blossomfor the Fourth of July. So, we got my in-laws to watchthe kids, got the blanket, bottle of wine and cheese. It was going to be a wonderfulnight. Well, we got there, and it was so crowded! We sat over the top ofthe hill where it slopes away from the pavilion. We couldn't see. We couldn'thear. We lasted about two songs. We spent the rest of the concert walking toour car. We were parked somewhere in the outer reaches of Summit County.By the time we got to the car, it was pretty damn funny actually. We still laughabout it."
Looking Forward To: Kenny Chesney, July 14, Cleveland Browns Stadium
Kasper, 31, WAKS 96.5 FM, 3 to 7 p.m. weekdays
Most Memorable Concert
: Rage Against the Machine, Aug. 27, 1997, BlossomMusic Center: "We were prettyclose to the stage. It blew myears out. The morning after, Ihad an interview for my firstfull-time job in radio at a Top 40 station in Erie, Pa., and my earswere ringing so bad I could barelyhear anything. But I got the job.
Looking Forward To: The Fray,June 18, Time Warner Cable Amphitheater.
Don "Action" Jackson, 43, WMJI 105.7 FM,2 to 7 p.m. weekdays
Most Memorable Summer Concert: Stevie Wonder,Summer 1989, Aladdin Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas: "I used to imitate Stevie Wonder as a kid. He wasmy all-time favorite. So, when he came to Vegas,where I was living at the time, I stood in line foreverto get decent seats. A couple of months later,I was completely mesmerized by this man. I was sofocused on Stevie that I didn't realize my wife[now ex-wife] had gotten up andgone to the bathroom. I looked over and shewasn't there!"
Looking Forward To: Tower of Power, Aug. 18, Cain Park,Cleveland Heights
Maxwell, 36, WMMS 100.7,3 to 7 pm. weekdays
Most Memorable Summer Concert: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sept. 6, 2003, NissanPavilion, Bristow, Va.:
"My wife and I hadbeen dating for two or three months, and I had just lost myjob at a classic-rock station in Baltimore. That weekend, wewent to the concert. My friend was driving, so my wife andI were in the back seat. I was a little out of control. I wasdrinking very heavily. I threw up into a [grocery] bag all theway down to the concert. That's how I knew she was the onefor me. She stayed with me even after that."
Looking Forward To: Rush, Aug. 30, Blossom MusicCenter, Cuyahoga Falls
Bill Wills, 43, WTAM 1100, 5 to 9 a.m. weekdays
Most Memorable Summer Concert: Vince Gill, Sept. 24, 1999, Blossom Music Center: "My wife and I had just movedhere from Cincinnati. We had always loved Vince Gill, and it was the first time we'dever been to Blossom. We had dinner inPeninsula at the Winking Lizard and wentto the show. It was just one of those gorgeousnights. We fell in love with the place."
Looking Forward To: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, June 29, Quicken Loans ArenaLive
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