A Virtual Feast

Here at Feast! we're excited about the changes we've made to our Web site. In addition to the columns and feature articles from every issue, there's now a searchable database of all the recipes we've gathered, a calendar of food-related events and extra, Web-only content that we didn't have room for in the magazine, including a section called From the Editor's Desk, where I'll share the latest about our local culinary achievers who are winning awards, accomplishing great things and launching new ventures. There's a forum where you can read my weekly blog, view postings from a variety of culinary experts and food enthusiasts just like you, and dish out your own comments and questions. We hope you'll become a regular visitor to feastmagazine.net - it's the perfect way to keep in touch with the Northeast Ohio food scene.

As we expanded the Web site, put together this issue and started planning for the future, I realized that it was time to say thank you to our many Feast! friends and supporters. Two who deserve a special mention are Bob and Bobbie Pincus. Terrific, knowledgeable cooks, adventurous eaters and true appreciators of the food arts, they've been helpful as well as encouraging, introducing me to their friends the Poklars, who Doug Trattner wrote about last May, and Margaret Gu, a Chinese cook featured this month. I hope more readers will follow their lead and let me know about the wonderful people, places and products that deserve our attention.

In the meantime, enjoy what we've cooked up for October.

Laura Taxel

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