Burger Kings: My Favorite ...

The Burger ($7)

"They're tasty, they're fresh. [The Parkview] is not pretentious at all, and I run into friends there."

Natalie Ronayne
Cleveland Botanical Garden

Phil Taylor Burger ($9.99)

"They have a burger named after me. I'm not even sure what's on it. A big pile of stuff. It's good, though. Everybody likes it."

Phil Taylor
Cleveland Browns Nose Guard

Grumpy's Steak Burger ($7.99)

"I just like the taste, and I like that you can add on bacon or anything extra."

Yvonne Conwell
Cuyahoga County District 7

Miller Farm Grass Fed Cheeseburger ($19)

"It's just so straightforward and it's using the best possible beef and showing it off in the most simple and delicious way."

Karen Small
Flying Fig Chef and Owner

Becky's All American Peanut Butter Burger ($6)

"It's just made with peanut butter love. It's a pretty simple burger, but if you told me I could have one last burger, I would go there."

Allan Fee
Q104 Disc Jockey

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