Hot Sauce Williams

Established 1960
7815 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland
(216) 391-2230

You’ve driven by the blue-and-pink building countless times. Step inside, and you’ll find an oasis of soul food options that takes this place beyond the realm of a mere barbecue joint: fried chicken, catfish, ribs and so much more. Some dishes, such as the pork shoulder and Polish boy, are served doused with the restaurant’s sweet barbecue sauce and a scoop of coleslaw. Do not fear this. You will love it. Then you will get dessert — maybe peach cobbler or sweet potato pie. When we asked if the desserts were made in-house, the woman taking our order replied, “No, Auntie made it.” Well, tell her it was wonderful. (Other locations: 3700 Lee Road, 12310 Superior Ave.)
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