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Cleveland gets high marks when it comes to urban farming and agriculture.

Understandably, you might still be shunning national best-and-worst lists since Forbes’ February bashing of Cleveland. But in its most recent 2008 rankings, sustainlane.com put the city at No. 2 when it comes to sustainable food, thanks to our farmers markets, urban farmers and community-supported agriculture programs.

“That means both turning a vacant lot into a community garden on East 79th Street and growing plants in the sunny-but-chronically-underused Galleria building,” explains David Pearl of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition. “Add social entrepreneurship to the mix with organizations like City Fresh and Fresh Fork, … and you have the recipe for some exciting changes in the way Cleveland is viewed.”

And since you probably already know what people such as Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s Pat and Dan Conway and Greenhouse Tavern’s Jonathon Sawyer are doing for the cause, here are a few more names you should know.

Morgan Taggart

Program specialist, Urban Agriculture Program at The Ohio State University extension

Vel Scott

Owner, Vel’s Purple Oasis, Frank Avenue
and Petrarca Road, Cleveland

Carl Skalak

Farmer, Blue Pike Farm, East 72nd Street
and St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland

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