Sweetest Ways: Stick Around

Food on a stick isn't just for festival fun, so grab one of these three portable delights.

Turtle Apple
Campbell's Sweets Factory
Forget those amusement park concession stand candy apples. This gigantic Ohio Melrose apple ($9.95) is dunked into caramel, rolled in roasted and salted chunks of pecans and drizzled with white and milk chocolates — putting a welcomed spin on the boring carnival caramel apple.

Cake Pops
The Cute Little Cake Shop
If you're anything like us, you can't be bothered with a plate and knife when it comes to cake. Ordered by the dozen ($24), these little balls of crushed up cake mashed together with flavored icings, rolled up and dipped into candy or chocolate coatings — in more than 200 flavors — are perfectly pint-sized for the dinner guest who says, "Just a small slice, please."

chocolate-dipped brownie pops
Sweet Moses Soda Fountain and Treat Shop
Your first bite of the moist cake covered in rich dark chocolate, all stuck on a fat popsicle stick ($5.50), will have you ignoring the fact that this isn't a cold treat. At least this way you won't have ice cream dripping down your arm — a couple candy sprinkles in the corner of your mouth will be the only evidence this indulgence ever happened.

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