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The elegance of sushi and the grit of football make them an unlikely pairing, but the Browns and Sushi Rock have been a team for the past two years.

This season, if you are watching the game from the club level of Cleveland Browns Stadium, you can order Sushi Rock classic in the lounges. But all fans can score Browns-inspired sushi at the downtown and Beachwood locations.  

The concept isn't new to linebacker Scott Fujita, who named rolls after fellow Saints back in New Orleans. So when Sushi Rock approached him with a similar idea, he didn't hesitate. 

"[In New Orleans] it was very underground and low budget. It was just fun for us in the neighborhood," Fujita says. "[Here], we just went real big with it."

Teammates Peyton Hillis, Chris Gocong and Alex Mack quickly got in on the play. The specialty rolls come from players' imaginations to your plate and include favorite ingredients and hometown ties.

Think you know your Browns? See if you can tell who's who from their sushi.

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Chris Gocong

Peyton Hillis

Alex Mack

Scott Fujita

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