There's Beer in Here!

These soups let you put back some favorite local brews with a spoon and a slurp.

Stilton Cheddar Ale Soup

A fall and winter staple, Great Lakes Brewing Co.'s Stilton Cheddar Ale Soup ($6) will melt the snow right off your boots. The creamy, pumpkin-orange soup has a light consistency and smooth taste, the mild cheddar balanced perfectly by the maltiness of the Dortmunder Gold. 2516 Market Ave., Cleveland, 216-771-4404,

Beer Onion Soup

A splash of Sandstone lager is a bonus in this fall weather. Cornerstone Brewing Co.'s tangy beef broth and subtle caramelized yellow onions anchor the rich flavor while the thick blanket of melted provolone and Swiss cheeses is the star of the soup ($4.99). 58 Front St., Berea, 440-239-9820,

Porter Chili

This hearty combo of ground beef, mixed beans, onions, peppers and spices ($5.99, bowl) is flavorful enough before being topped with cheddar cheese, scallions and sour cream. Willoughby Brewing Co.'s rich Gutterpup Porter becomes more apparent when you pair it with a pint of the brew. Then the roasted richness really howls. 4057 Erie St., Willoughby, 440-975-0202,

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