Best Restaurants 2011: Chef Chat

What will be the next big dining trend?

"There's going to be more communal dining. Eventually there's going to be a lot more sharing. There's going to be a lot more interactive dining because people look to dining as entertainment more than they did before, and dining rooms are more of a destination than they were before."
— Regan Reik, Pier W

What's one food trend you wish would go away?

"The stacking of food: It's just difficult to eat. ... You do a couscous and then a seared fish on top, and then you garnish with a marmalade, and then you garnish with a rosemary sprig; then you garnish with a potato chip, and before you know it, your plate's 6 feet tall."
— Eric Williams, Momocho

What is your favorite food trend this year?

"A lot of restaurants and places around here are scaling down, making food a little simpler and making more comfort foods. Some people get a little too carried away with making stuff too complex and too confusing; just [make] simple, regular food that people like to eat."
— Rachel Spieth, Three Birds Restaurant

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