Best Restaurants 2011: Food Trucks

Find: With a catch-them-if-you-can attitude, these rolling restaurants set up for a few hours at a time (mostly for lunch and late-night snacking). Follow: You better be hip to the social media scene. Only a few trucks have their own websites. Feast: Fill up with treats far from greasy street meat and for less than a 10 spot.

Hello, Moto

From China's night markets to the hawker centers of Malaysia, eastern Asian countries mastered street food long ago. Perhaps that's why grabbing a bite from Umami Moto tastes so right. Jae Stulock and Sandy Madachik's food truck drove onto the burgeoning scene of traveling cuisine in November. As chef, Stulock studied Thailand's street food culture while conceiving the truck. There, pad thai is a pillar of the streets, and here, it's become Stulock's signature dish. But that's no reason to skip the rest of the Southeast Asian fusion menu, including chicken curry ($5) with thick potato cubes and carrot slices over rice. True to Vietnamese cuisine, which favors fresh herbs, cilantro adds flavor to the mild sauce for a comforting and light dish. As a snack, the skewer of golf-ball-size meatballs ($3) gets a welcome kick from Jae's sweet and spicy sauce. Although the American-size price of $1 a ball is hard to swallow, we're not deterred. After all, until there's some kind of meat on a stick, it's just not street food. And Umami Moto does Asian street food proud.


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