Building Permitted

Inferno Gourmet Burger Bar // With more possible burger combos than you would ever have the time or appetite to try — 22,680, to be exact — you can't get bored here. Inferno's menu includes hot dogs and pizza, but the draw is its build-your-own burgers ($5.99), which lets you choose between beef, chicken, barbecue pork or a veggie patty; three buns; seven cheeses; and premium toppings such as chili. These aren't thick burgers cooked to your specifications, but the soft pretzel roll and trip to the toppings bar to load up on veggies and sauces make up for that. The 12 selections designed by Inferno are varied and tempting, and the All-Access Rack ($9.99) offers a choice of any three in slider form. We went with Hollywood, starring tangy guacamole; Inferno, reminiscent of breakfast with fried egg and bacon; and New Orleans, with grilled shrimp and a zesty flavor from Cajun rub, pepper jack and chipotle ranch. The sauce also made a nice dip for our onion rings ($4). We weren't hot on the campfire shake ($5), which featured layers of thick, sticky marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs but lacked rich cocoa flavor. Instead, go for one of the seasonal cocktails or craft beers.

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