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It's tragic, really, that this tiny Indian spot has been open a little more than a year and we are just now discovering it. Until Indian Flame, we were happy with a traditional order of chicken tikka masala and extra naan. Of course you can get these Indian standbys here, but refusing to break the rut would be doing your palate a disservice. There's more than just tandoor chicken and lamb. There's goat ($13.99) and lobster curry ($16.99), the latter a full tail swimming in tomato garlic sauce. Skip the samosas and start with an order of vegetable pakoras ($4.99), lightly fried spinach and onions you'll want to pop in your mouth like popcorn. A side of mint chutney adds a refreshing kick. It's a comfortable level of heat found in many of Indian Flame's dishes. Even to mild-level eaters, a little spice in the curried chickpea-based chana masala ($8.99) adds a flavorful heartiness. Two could split the shrimp biryani ($14.99), a mild and fresh jumbo shrimp and rice mix. It's a lineup chef Onkar Chauhan claims is typical Northern Indian cuisine. He's selling himself short. There's a reason Indian Flame overflows with students and professionals at lunchtime, and we have a feeling it has more to do with the buffet spread and less to do with the bargain $8.99 price tag.
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