Hot Spot

If you think vegan food can't be filling, it's time to get out more. Your first stop: the Flaming Ice Cube on Public Square. What's great about this lunch-spot-meets-coffee-shop-meets-smoothie-joint is, if no one told you the food here was meat- and dairy-free, you might not even notice. Flaming Ice Cube's sandwiches and salads are topped with creamed oil-based mayonnaise and soy-based cheese, and its wraps are filled with a tempeh version of chicken that tastes a lot like the real thing. The vegan pesto burger ($7.45), nearly as hearty as its beef counterpart, comes seasoned and coated with a house-made basil-pistachio pesto that is simultaneously nutty and herby. It's a satisfying, soy- and oat-packed lunch without the food coma. If protein replacements aren't your thing, there are also great veggie options, such as the Mediterranean panini ($6.95), a colorful mix of roasted red pepper, Kalamata olives, spinach, red onion and tomato tied together with an artichoke spread. We washed this one down with freshly shaken lemonade ($2.95) infused with pomegranate — just one of the healthful berries you can add to the drinks here. Desserts change daily, but if you see the butterscotch and chocolate chip blondie bars ($2.65) on the menu, order one. Trust us. 
140 Public Square
, Cleveland,
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