Taco Trip

Barrio // If there's one type of food we could eat every day for the rest of our lives, it would be Mexican. When Joe Kahn opened up his taco joint in the former 806 Martini and Wine Bar space in Tremont last May, we bounced around with joy like a Mexican jumping bean. The cozy interior is revamped with touches of Dia de los Muertos decor throughout, while the affordable concept allows customers to choose their own south of the border adventure. With a heavy selection of tequlia and whiskey along with fun salsa, queso and guacamole choices, Barrio ensures your first decisions won't be easy ones. Try the Tuscan guacamole ($7) topped with chunks of chevre, chopped basil, crushed pine nuts and drizzles of balsmic. The journey continues with an array of amped-up tacos, but with two possible ordering options: Build your own from a list of ingredients or pick from six chef-suggested tacos. We chose the latter, going for The Spicy Sapanaro ($4), which features Barrio's secret taco sauce and a "stoner shell" (a soft and hard shell fused together with queso and chorizo), and The Hasta la Vista, Baby ($3), a corn shell filled with tender and spicy pulled pork, red cabbage, onions, tomatoes, Chihuahua cheese and chipotle crema. This is one foodie excursion we'll be taking again.

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