Best Doctors - Dr. Tandra

Dr. Usharani V. Tandra
Physical medicine and rehabilitation
MetroHealth Medical Center
What she does:
Tandra oversees the clinical care of stroke patients, focusing on the patient’s medical stability during rehabilitation, and educating them on how to prevent stroke as director of the stroke rehabilitation program.

Career move:
“I started pre-med when my kids were 10 and 11. I had a bachelor’s degree in economics, and I had been a housewife for 15 years.”

What is the one thing you do to stay healthy?
“One thing I want to do is exercise on a regular basis.”

Worst health habit:
“Too much coffee, several times a day. Starbucks, very strong.”

How often do you get sick?
“Full blown, once a year.”

Her best health advice:
“Prevention is better than a cure.”

What’s the last piece of health advice you took?
“I can’t think of anything — I’m a bad patient.”

Has anyone ever given you an apple? Did it keep you away?
“Yes. And they did not prevent anything!”

Her weakness:
Figurines. “Mickey Mouse with a stethoscope, ‘Peanuts’ characters with stethoscopes.”

On cold stethoscopes:
“They are in the hands of warm-hearted people: cold stethoscope, warm heart.”

Fruit cup or Snickers?
Fruit cup. “But not because it’s healthy, because I like it. But I love to make desserts, and I love tiramisu.
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