Best Doctors 2011

Dr. Amir Hamrahian
Finding the correct diagnosis and cure for a determined patient

Dr. Andrew Sloan
Using a virtual map of the brain to safely remove a massive tumor

Dr. Rita Cydulka
Piecing together clues to save an abandoned newborn

Dr. Jane Corteville
Monitoring the difficult pregnancy of a mother due with twins

Dr. Kevin Malone
Reattaching an arm severed in a farm accident

Dr. Deborah Tepper
Unraveling the mystery behind 50 years of headaches
Healthy Advice
See the results of our reader survey, and find out what 10 of this year's Best Doctors had to say about the issues affecting you.
To check out the full list of this year's more than 1,100 Best Doctors, pick up a print version of the March 2011 Cleveland Magazine.
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