35th Anniversary: Model Behavior

On Jennifer Lyn Jackson’s Playboy Playmate Data Sheet, the one that accompanied her 1989 centerfold pictorial, she scribbled that her recurring nightmare was “waking up bald.” If only things had turned out so good.

Jackson had the world at her feet (and hips, and bust). After her Playboy debut, we profiled her (along with her mom, who herself dreamed of appearing in Playboy) in our May 1989 issue. A graduate of North Olmsted High and student at Kent State University, Jackson was pictured in the lad mag looking studious in a necktie and, well, a necktie. Her stated ambitions were to “follow the golden road of success to the top and BE HAPPY!” If by success she meant various arrests for receiving stolen property, suspicion of DUI, possession of drugs, and starring in a police dash-cam video, then Jackson has indeed reached the top. She was arrested in Oberlin this past June, then made it a summer hat trick with two citations from the Westlake Police in July.

“Police say she and her new husband, James Thompson, would have never been arrested if they didn’t come out of their trailer and taunt police,” reported WKYC Channel 3 when they broke the news.
For now, she says, she’ll date around, continue her two-year promotional tour for Playboy, and focus her energies on becoming Playmate of the Year. While it would delay further her return to college (she’s been on leave since January), it’s a trade-off she’s more than willing to make. College will always be there, she says, $100,000 and a red Ferrari come your way only once.
­— “The Centerfold Family,” by Connie Schultz Gard, May 1989
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