75 Reasons We Love Cleveland

As the month of mushiness commences, we turn all warm and fuzzy on the city, giving a wink to the people, places, and things that bring smiles to our faces.

1. The Cleveland Clinic is a world leader in fixing broken hearts.
2. An urn containing Alan Freed's ashes is sealed behind an undisclosed wall at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.
3. Malley's miniature chocolate Terminal Towers
4. Dick Goddard: Admit it, he's the only weatherman you always trust.
5. Cuyahoga Valley National Park, 33,000 acres of peace located just 20 miles south of downtown
6. Jen Toohey's advice from her mom on Q104's evening drive
7. Gilly's, Little Italy's 24-hour donut shop, makes a late-night detour down Mayfield Road worthwhile.
8. The city has Classics, Ohio's only 'AAA Five Diamond' restaurant.
9. The eastern suburbs have the Walden Inn and Stables, the Midwest's only 'AAA Five Diamond' rating in its field. 10. We don't need any logos on our football helmets. Orange is fine, thanks.
11. The Cleveland Orchestra, one of America's 'Big Five'
12. Time named it the nation's best orchestra in 1994. The New Yorker said the same thing last February.
13. Summer nights at Blossom Music Center
14. You can bring wine and food in when the orchestra's playing there.
15. Great Lakes Brewing Co.'s Christmas Ale
16. The window table at The Metropolitan
17. Cleveland high school students Jerry Siegel and Joel Schuster created Superman.
18. You can be serious about bowling.
19. Austin Carr's color commentary during Cavaliers games airing on WUAB Channel 43
20. It may be the only place in the U.S. where nine out of 10 people know what a pierogi is.
21. You can jaywalk freely without much fear of retribution.
22. The ice block in the bar at the Cleveland Chop House
23. It's easy to find on-street parking downtown after 6 p.m.
24. If you know where to look, you can find on-street parking downtown during the day.
25. The Cleveland Zoological Society's 'Animal Attractions' benefit is held each February.
26. Dee Perry's voice at noon on WCPN 90.3-FM Ideastream
27. The view of downtown from the RTA Red line bridge between Ohio City and Tower City
28. Summer Saturdays at Ohio City's Mar-ket Square
29. 'Defend Cleveland' hooded sweatshirts ' black with crossed Old West-style gunslinger pistols on the front ' sold at Record Revolution on Coventry
30. The steel mill's towering flame visible from I-90 and Jennings Freeway
31. The walking tour of the city's old subway periodically offered by the county engineer's department
32. Our luck at lotto: The largest jackpot ever won by an Ohioan, $170 million, was sold at a Painesville convenience store last summer.
33. The $6 event parking at Tower City Center
34. A relatively stress-free com---mute, no matter where you live
35. Eric Wedge, the reincarnation of Mike Hargrove's even-keeled attitude from the Tribe dugout
36. Wedge's decision to sport that Tom Selleck-like '70s-style mustache for several weeks last spring
37. Artist David Helton's WMMS buzzard
38. You can vigorously debate corned beef and be taken seriously.
39. There's a good chance your boss won't flinch when you request St. Patrick's Day off of work.
40. Taking in a happy-hour sunset at Hornblower's
41. The plans to revive League Park, which still stands at East 66th Street and Lexington Avenue
43. The retro Brownie icon Art Modell banished from the lakefront in the mid-'60s is making a comeback on fan gear.
44. How much watching the second half of the 2005 Cleveland Indians season reminded us of watching the 1995 Cleveland Indians
45. Watching Cleveland Air Show run-throughs during your lunch hour
46. You can tour a building designed by Frank Gehry, pass time with a Picasso and visit Costa Rica all within University Circle's one square mile.
47. The revival of East Fourth Street
48. Ninety-year-old blues legend Robert Lockwood Jr.'s Wednesday night shows at Fat Fish Blue
49. The Home Run Porch at Jacobs Field
50. The annual summer run of classic movies at Playhouse Square Center
51. Driving east from Lakewood on the Shore-way
52. Taking the same way home in the evening after work
53. The saxophone guy who performs classics such as 'The Simpsons' and 'The Addams Family' themes at Gateway and Playhouse Square Center before and after events
54. Jim Donovan, Tom Hamilton and Joe Tait ' the trinity of Cleveland sports radio play-by-play men
55. A 45-degree day in mid-January is good news
56. Wednesday half-price sushi night at Sushi Rock
57. The artwork of Derek Hess
58. You can still visit the enormous Chief Wahoo who stood sentry over Cleveland Municipal Stadium at the Western Reserve Historical Society.
59. Thursday night performances by former James Gang guitarist Glenn Schwartz at Hoopples in The Flats
60. Great Lakes Science Center's OMNIMAX Theater
61. Guarino's, the oldest restaurant in Little Italy
62. Friends who own boats
63. The Cleveland Metroparks system allows you to take a walk in the woods minutes from your home no matter where you live.
64. You can drink out of an overly enormous beer mug at a bar and not be mocked.
65. That cold and wind-burned, but euphoric feeling during the Tribe home opener
66. Knowing Bob Feller is in the ballpark watching with you.
67. We've got the whole driving-in-snow thing figured out.
68. Revisiting your childhood toys at Big Fun on Coventry
69. Real neighborhood bars older than your parents
70. Our readers picked a former City Council president famous for throwing a chair at former Mayor Mike White as the 'Ultimate Clevelander' Cleveland Browns Stadium's house rock 'n' roll band led by G.E. Smith
72. The fountains at Tower City
73. No matter the current state of The Flats, sitting riverside at Shooters is always a good time.
74. We're optimists at heart: How could we have made it this long if not?
75. Our readers are never afraid to speak up. Tell us why you love Cleveland. E-mailletters@clevelandmagazine.com.

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