How To: Conquer the Bar Scene

No date for Valentine’s Day? We asked two local experts for advice on how to navigate the Cleveland singles scene with style.
Marcus Sims
Age: 26
Event promoter
Frenchye Bush
Age: 32
Fashion consultant
Best local singles spot:
D’Vine Wine Bar. “Lots of seating, fun groups of mixed singles and good drinks.”
Happy hour at D’Vine or at XO. “It’s a really sexy restaurant with a cool vibe.”
How to approach a girl:
Be yourself and make conversation. “Ask for her e-mail instead of her number — it’s no-pressure, but you can still leave a note.”
“Be yourself, and show interest in what she’s saying.” Asking for her number is OK. But, ladies, if you don’t want him to call you, be honest.
How to approach a guy:
“If you lead with ‘Buy me a drink,’ I won’t talk to you. If we’re having good conversation, I’ll get you one, but I don’t pay to play.”
“I still think the guy should approach the girl, but if there’s a guy you’re interested in, let him know in a tasteful way. ... If you want a cocktail, buy your own.”
But don’t ever... Use a pick-up line. Forget to do a breath check.
Look your best:
Keep it simple. “I’m a jeans-and-polo-shirt kind of guy. I’m into mixing style and affordability, because it’s timeless.”
Always look classy. “You can wear a skirt or jeans, but if you’re going to dinner, don’t show too much skin.”
Be sure to avoid ...
Clothes with huge logos, such as Armani Exchange. “There are some girls who love that, but more who don’t.”
Trying too hard. “Don’t stand outside in the cold in a short skirt and tank top. Dress appropriately.”
To text or not to text?
“If you text someone, sometimes they can’t tell how you meant it. But if you can work it, it’s a good thing.”
“The initial conversation should be a phone call. Don’t ask me to dinner through a text unless we already have a relationship.”
Dating advice:
Go for women who have something to bring to the table. Often women in their late 20s and 30s are more independent and aren’t just looking for a husband. Don’t try! Go out and have fun with your friends. “I met my boyfriend right after college through a friend. When we went on our first date, he was totally himself, and we had so much fun.”
A city with style:
Denver. “It’s a great city. It’s always voted in the top five in The Scene for singles — [it’s] a really good scene.”
L.A. “They don’t try so hard. You can look good in a cute shirt, nice bag, heels and jeans. ... Don’t forget the sunglasses.”

The Proof is in the Sauce
10.8% of married people met their spouse at the bar.
School was the No. 1 answer with 26.3% of the vote.
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