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Money Matters

Here's who's awarding and receiving the most foundation grants in Greater Cleveland.

Top 5 U.S. Foundations Awarding Grants in Cleveland (2009)

Foundation Name Total $ Awarded Grants Made
1. The Cleveland Foundation $42,414,693 462
2. The Lerner Foundation $11,497,749 14
3. Jack N. and Lilyan Mandel Foundation $10,063,333 22
4. John S. and James L. Knight Foundation $7,180,000 5
5. The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation $7,086,834 56


Top 5 Recipients of Foundation Grants in Cleveland (2009)

Recipient Organization Total $ Awarded No. of Grants
1. Cleveland Clinic Foundation $14,635,661 32
2. Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland $14,605,000 11
3. Case Western Reserve University $8,005,831 37
4. Cleveland Museum of Art $5,372,500 15
5. Fund for Our Economic Future $3,993,333 8

Total Foundations
11th (out of 25)

The fact that we had 1,408 foundations in 2009 is pretty impressive, but the Big Apple is at the top of the giving tree with more foundations (9,551) than No. 2 Chicago (3,371), No. 3 Los Angeles (2,911) and No. 4 Philadelphia (2,534) combined.
Big Givers: Cleveland foundations distributed $446,210,865 in 2009, putting it 17th among a list of the 25 cities with the most generous foundations.

22nd (out of 51)

More than one in four of us (27.7 percent) donate a portion of our time to help someone else, according to a 2010 study from the Corporation for National & Community Service. More than a Day's Work: Those Clevelanders who volunteer spend an average of 28.4 hours a year doing so.

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