Moon Talks Globetrotters

If you’re in a squabble with your spouse, Cavs forward Jamario Moon has the solution: Go see the Harlem Globetrotters at The Q April 12. “The Globetrotters are relationship fixers,” says Moon, who played with the team from 2004 to 2005. “You could be having a bad day arguing with your husband or wife, but when you bring your family to a Globetrotter game with all the silly stuff and tricks, you’re just laughing.” As for those tricks, Moon shared his three favorites from his days wearing red, white and blue.

The Play The Weave

WHAT HAPPENS The team starts a series of passes at half court. The point guard then breaks out and bounces the ball off the back of another player before catching it and throwing an alley-opp. “I would have to go dunk it,” Moon says.
DIFFICULTY 2 out of 5

The Play Slide Pass

WHAT HAPPENS The point guard dribbles through the defense as a teammate sets a screen. The point guard then slides between his teammate’s legs before passing across the court to Moon. “I would find some kind of way to finish it.”
DIFFICULTY 4 out of 5

The Play Football Skills

WHAT HAPPENS Everyone lines up at the free-throw line in a football stance. “The quarterback puts people in motion and then yells, ‘Rewind,’ ” Moon says. The players then do everything they did in reverse. “It’s crazy and they do a lot of silly things.”
DIFFICULTY 5 out of 5
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