New Arrivals

Kickball is a notch or two below dodgeball in our hierarchy of gym class favorites. But there was nothing like the feeling of booting that red rubber ball into an unattended green corner of the outfield. Those looking to rekindle their schoolyard kickball heroics will be happy to know the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) has brought its adult co-ed kickball league to Cleveland. The newest addition to the WAKA's 90 divisions across the United States, local kickball teams have faced off at Beaumont School in Cleveland Heights on Thursday evenings since the beginning of May. Created as a way for young professionals to meet others, it seems the real draw is what happens off the field. As the president of one of WAKA's Illinois kickball leagues puts it, "We do have a lot of players that come just for the parties." Want in the game? Visit

A taste of Euclid Beach Park has moved to Shaker Square just in time for summer. East Coast Original Frozen Custard, whose sweet concoctions are a shot of nostalgia for those who visited Euclid Beach Park before its 1965 closing, recently opened a seventh Northeast Ohio location at 13200 Shaker Square. The father-and-son team of Barry and Adam Lieberman, who were long-time East Coast Original customers, own the Shaker Heights location. "We've restored the space with fun graphics, bright colors and original wood flooring to recreate that feeling of the good old days," says Barry. What's East Coast's secret? Keeping alive the 1920 Coney Island tradition of using egg yolk in vanilla ice cream to make it extra smooth and creamy. By the 1960s, most custard makers had backed off the fat content and pumped in air to increase profits. Taste for yourself. For store locations, visit

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