Speed Demons

Cleveland has accelerated its traffic camera program this year, deploying 15 mobile units and a dozen more fixed-location cameras. We help you navigate the most frequent traveling ticket traps and advise what to do if you get nabbed. 

Cleveland's traffic cameras are on the move, trying to stay ahead of you. The city now deploys 15 mobile speed cameras, and they're catching thousands more motorists a month than the 46 red-light and speed cameras permanently installed at 32 locations. (The city has also added a dozen more fixed cameras.) "They're slowing down at the fixed locations," says Maureen Harper, spokeswoman for Mayor Frank Jackson.

The roving cameras are meant to lighten your lead foot everywhere. "It helps people remember to obey the speed limits," Harper says. "We do believe it does improve safety."

The city moves the cameras every two to three weeks and announces the new locations on its blog, clecityhall.com. It alternates between two lists with minor variations. 

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