Street Scenes

The St. Clair-Superior neighborhood is bringing home the bacon — artistically speaking, that is. Following 2006’s successful Year of the Dog project, the St. Clair Superior Development Corp. has embraced the Year of the Pig, displaying colorful swine statues throughout AsiaTown in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Created by local artists, the 40 pigs were given quirky monikers such as Golden Pig in a Blanket and PIGment of my Imagination. “This project is motivated as a way to get people to come here, and once they come here, move around to see some strategic locations we think they’ll enjoy,” says SCSDC executive director Jamie Blackson Baker. The pigs will be displayed until the week before Labor Day and will be auctioned Sept. 29.
Honk, Move! You won’t be hearing much more of that along East Fourth Street this summer. Motorists will have to find another cutthrough, because the brick road that stretches between Prospect and Euclid avenues is now open only to pedestrians. The summerseason change has allowed Pickwick & Frolic and House of Blues to expand outdoor seating. “Not only can you enjoy the nice weather, but you can enjoy the whole atmosphere of the street.” says East Fourth spokeswoman Emily Lauer, adding that the plan is to make the street pedestrian-only every summer. The East Fourth outdoor season wraps come early fall, or snow — whatever arrives first.
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