Anonymous Letters of the Month

I was very disappointed to see your reference to “Pitts-puke” in the December Cleveland Magazine (“Editor’s Column”). My husband and I grew up and went to college in Pittsburgh and moved away to the East Coast. After 25 years, we are researching communities around Cleveland and Pittsburgh for their quality of life, sense of community, family values, work ethic and good schools that are missing in our city. I understand the rivalry, but I don’t understand insulting another city in that manner. Why does Cleveland advertise in Pittsburgh newspapers for getaway weekends at your hotels, restaurants and museums if Pittsburgh is such a disaster? Do you advertise in Phoenix and L.A.? Do you think San Diego or Orlando knows where Cleveland is? I have read that the state where the most number of people have moved out of is Pennsylvania, followed closely by Ohio. I wouldn’t take any cheap shots. Be sure you don’t insult the few friends you have.

Editor’s Note: That’s why they call it a rivalry. We make digs at your city with corny names that every NFL-crazed grade-school boy latches on to and never forgets, and you do the same. Right? Come on, Steelers fans. You can’t be this thin-skinned, can you? (And if you have something to say, at least own up to it.) We were talking about the Browns/Steelers rivalry for crying out loud.

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