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Just look at that hair. If that mullet doesn't say that I haven't been in school for a while — Hubbard High School Class of 1988 to be exact — then the gray in the other picture certainly does. No doubt, a lot has changed about school since the '80s. And that was never more evident than while working on this month's cover story ("Molding Minds"). Who knew some schools base GPAs on a seven-point scale? Now, I help my kids with their homework, but all this made me wonder what was happening at the private schools they attend. Here, in their own words, is a little of what they've learned.

seventh grade

I had a whole lot of homework this year. Don't put it off. Do it immediately when you get home.

I like figuring out how things work, how they function and what they're supposed to do in the world.

We have a lot of class discussions. The teachers like to hear what the students are thinking about the subject before they start their lessons.

What can I say? My teachers read this magazine.

third grade

In gym we rode these little scooters. We pushed, and that made them go really far. Sometimes we crashed into one another, but we try not to get hurt.

I liked the salad bar at lunch. I got fruits, mostly kiwi.

My favorite field trip was the Popcorn Factory because you got a free popcorn ball, free taffy, and you got to learn about selling stuff.

fifth grade

We made up a fake commercial for the Snuggie. We did the Snuggie past, present and future. I was the past Snuggie. We had to build a storyline, write a script, decide costumes, get jobs lined up, get pictures and videos, and decide on your accent.

Fourth-graders had to clear the trays of food and garbage, and third-graders have to wipe off the tables and sweep up the trash off the floor.

Act like everyone's your friend, and then they will be.

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