Daily Dilemma

Good copy editors don't just fix typos. That statement, in itself, destroys the entire credibility of this article ("Paper Chase," August 2013). I realize poorly managed newsrooms have spent much of the last 20 years transforming actual copy editing into visual word stuff, where almost no editing is done. But you'll see far more than typos appearing once copy desks are removed.

The only good news here is that someone named Boardman is still involved in Cleveland journalism. When I left the late, lamented Cleveland Press in 1970, he was its editor and circulation was nearly 400,000, topping the PD. I wish only the best to a town that has produced marvelous journalists.
Don Baker

Once A LeQuitter ...

It's time to change your name to "Not Really Cleveland Magazine!" ("The Indecision," August 2013). After LeBron James quit on his team and city, how can you note that "even the harshest critic would welcome [LeBron] back?" Off your knees. Cleveland does not want him back.
Mark "Munch" Bishop


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