Foe Fighters

Please do not include me in the "enemy" noted in Michael D. Roberts' "The Enemy is Us" (May 2012). I am not a member of any union, so I did not vote for Jimmy Dimora just because he was in a union, nor did I ever vote for him just because he was a Democrat. I never voted for someone who was so obviously unqualifed for any public service. The enemy was and no doubt still is those who vote straight party lines, who never bother to know their candidates. Corruption in our county is the inevitable result of one-party rule. Those committing crimes and those who stood by watching them do so all belonged to the same party: "I won't tell on you if you won't tell on me."

Mel Maurer


I have to admit that the veteran wag is right on the money. Mike has been covering this town's political scene for almost 40 years, and he certainly has the credibility and knowledge and perspective to "tell it like it is and was." Jimmy Dimora's fall into disgrace smacks of something out of Shakespeare. Tragedy? I think not. Poetic justice? Not really. Instant karma? Right on. Roberts is also right on about pointing a finger at Peter Lawson Jones and Tim Hagan. Jones is probably writing a morality play about this whole affair.

Mark Holan


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