Movie Mania

Thank you for "Lights, Camera, Action!"(April 2014). As a background artist — OK, extra — in The Avengers, I appreciate the opportunity to recognize the extraordinary professionalism of that movie's staff. I've never been involved with better people — from security to casting, wardrobe, makeup, catering, actors and more — in any endeavor. A very nice casting lady let this old guy and his younger friend have a night of memories we'll be boring our children and grandchildren with forever.

Mel Maurer

Thank you for the high-quality articles that highlighted the film industry in the area. We need more quality media coverage like this to promote what Ohio has to offer regarding our film industry infrastructure. It truly is a team effort if we wish to compete for our share of feature film and television projects.

Richard Fike
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Name Game

Adjusting to change is difficult, so I can understand Indians fans' desire to continue embracing Chief Wahoo. But as Scott Raab indicated in "Ink Stained" (April 2014), the logo trivializes the brutality Native Americans have experienced. I suggest sending Chief Wahoo to the showers and changing the team name to one that is a tribute to the contributions Latino and Hispanic players have made to Major League Baseball and the growing presence of such players.

Louis H. Pumphrey
shaker heights

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