Much Ado About 'Nothing'

It is always a great day when my Cleveland Magazine arrives. I was born in Cleveland and raised in Garfield Heights. This brings me to your Rating the Suburbs issue (June 2009). Almost all of your other suburban representatives were a credit to their areas. The one you chose for Garfield Heights was NOT indicative of life there. You have dealt a disservice to all who are current or previous residents of Garfield Heights. I have family and friends who still reside there. Perhaps you could recoup your errors in judgment and do an article on the Garfield Heights Historical Society.
Jacquelyn Conn
Titusville, Fla.
I am very disappointed with the way Garfield Heights was portrayed in your Rating the Suburbs issue. I grew up in Garfield and purchased my own home here five years ago. I chose to stay because there are a variety of economical homes rich in character and charm, and it’s a prime location to get anywhere in the area.
It appears that no research was invested in finding the right person to portray the city. There are plenty of residents, business owners or city employees that could have shared the positive aspects of living here. I personally am working for the city to create a better public image. I am very disappointed in the manner your feature article portrayed a very warm and inviting Cleveland suburb.

Megan L. Hutton
Garfield Heights
Editor’s Note: OK, OK, we get it. Not everyone dug Garfield Heights’ Darrin “Nothing” Lewis. (Maybe you didn’t hear our favorite song from his band, Vintage Manifest: “Blades Don’t Need Reloading.”) This is what the Garfield Heights Rating the Suburbs story would have looked like if we had interviewed Hutton instead.
Megan Hutton, 28, planning commission member and intern at RDL Architects
Be patient. We’re in the midst of a transition.

There are a lot of different housing types.
I personally love the 1950s bungalows, but there are older homes — early 1900s — near the Cleveland border. Near Rockside there are 1970s houses and some new, new homes, too.

Compared to other suburbs,
it is very cheap to live here. There are quiet streets, and it’s close to everything. It’s a breeze to get downtown.

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