Path Not Taken

It's such a ridiculous notion that a simple five-mile path that is 8-feet wide cannot be finished without the state, county and regional governments, the EPA, and other organizations putting in their thoughts first ("Path to Nowhere," October 2011). If the people in charge really wanted it done, they would have fast-tracked it years ago. I say we citizens take up shovels and picks and finish the five miles of the Towpath Trail ourselves — under the cover of night and while wearing disguises, of course.

Chris M.

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Lively Reaction

I was in Cleveland for a week and had a blast ("Guest Spot," October 2011), proof that you really can go home again. I said to my house host that if the city had looked the way it does now, I might not have left. What is being done there is great, which gives me a lot of opportunities to talk about Cleveland in a positive way with my friends and clients in New York City.

Colin Lively

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Parental Guidance

My daughter is a freshman at Cleveland State University ("City Mission," October 2011). I am glad they turned it into a place where out-of-state students like my daughter want to go. She made two trips to campus, which is eight hours away from home, to make sure this was the school for her. As parents, we felt very comfortable sending our daughter to CSU.


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