Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Being a longtime peace activist, I took special interest in Philip Metres' article ("Standing for Peace," September 2012). I was pleasantly stunned to see a reference to yours truly attending past Peace Shows, wearing my admittedly tight U.S. Army dress uniform and carrying my peace flag. Over the years I have expressed gratitude to people who say to me, "Thank you for serving our country," but privately I say to myself, "I didn't serve our country. I served fear-mongering politicians and war profiteers." The same holds true today.

Louis H. Pumphrey

shaker heights

Taking Note

My husband and I grew up in private schools and our children are currently attending a private school. We enjoyed seeing the information about the schools you listed. I am curious as to how you choose the grade schools that were listed. There are other private grade schools not mentioned. It would be nice to see all of them listed.

Elaine Heinzerling

Editor's Note: Surveys were sent to our list of current Northeast Ohio private schools. Those listed in our September issue are schools that returned the survey by our deadline. To have your school added to our online listings, email
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