Suburbs Sound-off

I think your "Rating the Suburbs" (June 2010) is very incorrect. To say that the Shaker Heights school system is not in the top 3 or No. 1 is crazy. Newsweek magazine ranked it in the top 2 percent of all school systems nationwide last year. I have lived in Twinsburg and Shaker. There's no comparison.

Stacy Jones
Shaker Heights

I applaud the effort of your "Rating the Suburbs" issue but request that you consider featuring the quality of life in Cleveland's urban neighborhoods as well. Our neighborhoods offer incredible amenities, too, along with a lifestyle that simply cannot be replicated in the suburbs. I believe you would be doing a service to the region (and your readers) if you featured the livability of the city that the suburbs owe their existence to.

Jeff Kipp
Executive director, livecleveland

International Appeal

I am the reigning Miss Ohio U.S. International 2010. Having the title gives me the honor of showing off the great state of Ohio and my amazing hometown of Cleveland. I was wondering if there was a way I could make an appearance in your magazine and show my Cleveland pride.

Lindsay Davis

We're happy to oblige, but we needed to know what Miss Ohio is promoting to the world on our behalf. A place with international flair, of course. The West Side Market. "I go there for chocolate-covered strawberries and pizza bagels," says Davis, who competes for the U.S. International title July 21-23.

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