We'll Drink to This

We'll Drink to This

The flatbreads at Battery Park Wine Bar are delicious ("Raising the Bar," November 2011). Another favorite of mine is the cured meat flatbread. Good food, good wine and all so reasonably priced.


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Ringing Endorsement

I'm obsessed with the jewelry at Love Designs ("Family Ties," November 2011). I own two of the pieces featured in the story and about 10 pieces total. Every time I wear one it gets compliments.

Lydia P.

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Chef Inspired

We go to Lola knowing we'll have a good dinner. And, who can't resist Michael Symon's laugh? We go to Zack Bruell's restaurants because we will be surprised by what is being offered that evening and have a great meal ("Does Zack Bruell Finally Have Your Attention?" October 2011). There are many other diners like my husband and I who appreciate Zack and all he brings to dining. We were fortunate enough to be young when Z opened. Although Zack may not have offered ketchup, he and his staff encouraged us to widen the way we dined and thought about food. They would offer to bring out a sample for us to try first. It was where we had our first bottle of decanted Rothschild. Because of Zack, Cleveland dining is now what he pulled it toward all those years ago. Michael may be an Iron Chef, but to us Zack is and will always be our master chef.

Diana Sheppard

cleveland heights

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