White Oversight

I can't imagine that your writer would produce a story on Betty White ("Hot Shots," January 2011) without mentioning she spent many hours in the Cleveland area thanks to our local impresario, the late and sadly missed John Kenley and his Kenley Players. White starred in Kenley's The King and I in 1959, Take Me Along in 1961, Critic's Choice in 1964, and Hello, Dolly! in 1979. As Kenley's longtime press agent, I should know, and I am very happy to share.

Guy Chamberlain

Comments From the Web

Stuart Warner's essay "Icing the Cooler Bandits" (February 2011) goes right to the heart of what is wrong with our criminal justice system. The real crime is the wasted lives that might have been salvaged if more money was spent on early education and intervention to help the chronically disadvantaged get a leg up. The lesson to be taken is that they might never have committed these crimes if they felt they had something else to work toward. They should have had their sentences reviewed and commuted long ago.
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