Word Play

Still a Greater Clevelander at heart, I am always eager to receive the latest issue of Cleveland Magazine. I was around when Lute Harmon started it all. Still an experienced and well-tested proofreader, I came across a grammatical error in your "Comment from the Editor" (July 2013). Please see above. There is a huge part of my heart that will always be devoted to Cleveland Magazine. In late 1978, I ran an ad in the personals section (back when it wasn't terrifying to do so) and met my future wife (now of 33-plus years).
Bob Volek

Testing Times

I read "Rating the Suburbs" (June 2013) with great interest, paying particular attention to the education rankings. I was somewhat dismayed to see Shaker Heights at No. 30. But then I noticed that some very important statistics were not included in the calculations. One notable example: average SAT scores, where lo and behold, Shaker Heights leaps to the top of the pack with an average score of 1840.
Diane Johnston

Editor's Note: In general, more students take the ACT, which makes it a more effective way for us to compare school districts.

Prized Pupil

Margo Hudson is awesome ("Learning Model," June 2013). I met her at the United Club and was completely taken with her enthusiasm. Knowing about her path to her GED diploma makes her even more inspiring!
Alice Ferris

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