Skywalker's Dilemma

It's a mere 170 feet long. But, the controversy created by the Horseshoe Cleveland skywalk is so much larger. On one side, urbanists who argue the $7 million walkway over Ontario Street and Prospect Avenue hurts local businesses. On the other, casino-goers seeking a convenient way from parking lot to video slots. Honestly, we can see both sides.

against You aren't a Clevelander until a car kicks up enough snow to turn you into a slushy snowman.
for Winter is cold and messy. Don't go to the casino messy. You're classier than that.

AGAINST The Ontario Street Cafe has a great corned beef sandwich, cheap beer ($2 for Genesee!) and more old-school charm than you can shake a snow shovel at.
FOR The Ontario Street Cafe is dark, dank and only takes cash.

AGAINsT The Tilted Kilt
FOR The Tilted Kilt

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