20 Sexy Singles 2012: Raine Austen

Raine Austen, 50s

Professional singer

The perfect date: I like a soft setting, somewhere with a bit of candlelight. I like upscale restaurants with the white tablecloth and the candle in the middle, and somewhere with a view, probably a skyline view.

Something most people don't know about me: I've always dreamt of being a cake decorator when I retire.

My passion: Besides the universal love of music and my singing career, I love giving and sharing everything I can. I love making new friends and I adore my family.

Biggest turn-on: Charm, sense of humor, intelligence, love for life, and exquisite, soft-scented cologne

Biggest turnoff: Attitude, ego, laziness, cling-on, needy, a slobbery kisser and someone looking for pity

I own too many: Everything! I'm working on this. I don't know how to buy one of anything. I always have to buy two, one in each color.

My favorite ... place in Cleveland: My favorite restaurants are Paladar, Thai Gourmet and [the former] Three Birds. I enjoy PlayhouseSquare, being near the water and sitting under the stars. ... book: Oh, so many ... musician/band: I have the utmost love for talented people, no matter what. Being in the music business, it's hard to pick just one or two. Jazz songstress Maria Jacobs is my favorite female local singer, bar none. And Nick Costa is my favorite local 1940s crooner. ... sports team: The Tribe ... TV show: Castle ... vacation destination: Santa Barbara's San Ysidro Ranch. It's set back in the mountains in the hills of Los Angeles, and they pamper you to no end. ... dessert: Peppermint chocolate chip ice cream and creme brulee ... blog: Rachel Gladstone's The Petty Chronicles on firstwivesworld.com

My usual hangout: I'm not one for hanging out at one place.

In high school I was ... inspired. I was a champion baton twirler. I won my first trophy when I was 11.

And now I'm ... even more inspired. I turn critique into positives, into a way that I can reinvent myself. For example, sometimes people say I talk too much on stage. I don't think I do, but I had to learn how to condense my conversation with the audience. My response to critique is always, "Tell me why. Teach me."

My best feature: My love for life and my gregarious nature

My bad habit: I don't know how to say no. I often put too much on my plate, and then feel bad when I have to take something off.

My first kiss: I'm still laughing. I was in ninth grade, and there were a bunch of us kids just hanging out. They were all betting who was going to kiss first, so the one guy came over and kissed me. He was my crush. It was such a shock, and we didn't know what we were doing. We were so busy laughing; I don't know if we actually kissed.

My guilty pleasure: I love a challenge. So I picture myself where I'd like to be next in my career, and that gives me a new project to work on. Other than that, I love a gooey brownie now and then ... with nuts.

How my ex would describe me: My ex-boyfriend still loves me. My ex-husband was a jerk and probably still is.

Going out or staying in: I love them both. When I'm with someone new, I like going out to sporting events, concerts, theater and checking out the local music scene. When a relationship has taken on a personal direction, then it doesn't really matter because I just want to be with him.

Early, late or right on time: Usually late. I don't do it on purpose; it just happens. But I'm rarely late for work, and I'm never late for a gig. Well, only once I was late, but it wasn't my fault.

Dogs or cats: I want them all!

Dancing ... yes or no? Absolutely

Twitter ... yes or no? I check my friends' tweets, but I don't have an account yet.

My longest relationship: 12 years

Beer, wine or martinis: Wine. Even though I don't drink alcohol, I will take an occasional sip.

Roses or chocolates: Roses, or any flower he chooses

My No. 1 dating rule: Please don't bring me home too late. Sometimes on a first date you want to keep it going, but I get up early, and I put in really long days. I start to crash around 11 p.m. That's just late for me. And I don't like to be too tired the next day. I remember the days when I used to go out at 11.

My deal-breaker: Two things: First, I need a Godly man with a strong faith, or it just won't work. Second, no smokers. Sorry.

I hate when a date ... thinks we have to share a passionate kiss before it's time.

But I love when a date ... has a genuinely great time with me no matter what we're up to.

Worst pickup line: "Come here often?" "Is heaven missing an angel?" "Does your husband know you're here?"

If I could date anyone: I think I'll leave this to my daydreams.

On a first date I never ... hold hands. I try my best not to set expectations just in case there are none by the end of the evening.

Best place to meet someone: The best place is where he is at that time.

Most unusual place I've met someone: At one of my very own concerts, I was introduced to someone who piqued my interest. The next day, I went on a job interview and was interviewed by that very same guy. It was completely ironic.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: Cleveland is a tough town. I have met quite a few really great guys, but I just don't know what it is. I feel like men in this town want to get serious too soon, and I'd like to get to know a guy. And I've run into men who seem to try to show off more than they need to. I'm looking for someone who is authentic.

What I find sexy about myself: I have a real shy side, and I can get real quiet sometimes. I do a little giggly thing when I'm shy and a little shoulder shrug. I think it shows my vulnerable side, and it happens when I'm around someone I am interested in or I'm real excited about.

Why I'm single: My sister tells me I don't make myself available. I think I do. It's probably confusion. I honestly think I'm single because I haven't found the right guy and the guys who I think are right aren't.

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