20 Sexy Singles: Brandon Duber

Brandon Duber, 33

ATTORNEY & City councilman

The perfect date: Anything fun. ... Anything where there's fun conversation.

Something most people don't know about me: I'm a professional ski instructor and a certified rescue scuba diver. I like certifications. I was a ski instructor in Ohio when I was in high school, and then I moved out to Utah after college before law school.

My passion: I'm just passionate about being successful in whatever it is I do.

My favorite ... sports team: Indians. ... musician/band: I can listen to anything from country to rock to the Beatles, or I can even rap a little Eminem. ... TV show: South Park, for sure. That's my maturity speaking, I guess. ... place in Cleveland: Either the Metroparks or Progressive Field, or maybe even the Chagrin River. Anything outside, really. ... book: I have a whole bunch of favorite half books, because I always read half a book and then I get busy and forget to finish. Instead of starting over on the same book, I just go on to the next one. ... vacation destination: Aspen is my happy place, but otherwise I'd say Costa Rica. ...way to exercise: Preferably outdoors — trail running or outside. Otherwise, going to the gym. I also like to box. ... month: March, for sure. You've got my birthday, spring training starting for baseball, and you can also get some good spring skiing in. ... website: United.com, because I know I'm booking a flight. ... drink: Everything. Christmas Ale, but I do enjoy red wine. I also like vodka, and I like scotch a lot, too.

My usual hangout: I don't really like usual, so there's not really a specific place I go to all the time. ... Usual is boring.

In high school I was ... pretty quiet, shy and maybe a little scared of girls.

And now I'm ... pretty much the polar opposite. I can still be shy at times, but I can have a conversation with anyone or even inanimate objects. I could just talk all day. It comes with the occupation, I guess.

My No. 1 dating rule: I don't like rules.

My deal-breaker: Bad teeth and smokers. But I also hate lazy and negative or rude people.

On a first date, I never ... I don't really like limitations, so I don't think there's a never.

Biggest turn-on: Would it be bad if I said looks? A close second would be someone who can have a normal conversation and is passionate about their life and their work, and I also like a little quirkiness. I like to be kept on my toes a little bit.

Biggest turnoff: Probably back to the bad teeth, smoking and negative, lazy people.

My hidden talent: I can juggle a little bit. 

I own too many: TVs, although I don't really have time to watch any of them.

My best feature: I'm generous and considerate, and I can talk to anyone.

My bad habit: I drink way too much Red Bull, and I don't sleep enough.

My first kiss: I have no idea when that was.

My guilty pleasure: Riding my motorcycle and just getting away.

How my ex would describe me: Probably that I'm a little bit stubborn, set in my ways and have too many commitments, and that I golf too much. But besides that, all great stuff!

How my best friend would describe me: As a yes-man. I have trouble saying no.

Going out or staying in: I love to stay in, but I'm really bad at it. I get kind of fidgety.

Early, late or right on time: I hate when people are late, and I hate when I'm late, but I am always late.

Morning person or night owl: I wish I was a morning person, but I just can't get out of bed sometimes.

Dogs or cats: Dog person. I hate cats. I guess probably because I'm little bit allergic to them. But I have a dog, Cameron. She's a puggle. I wanted a husky or a yellow lab, and I ended up with a puggle somehow. But she's cute. I love her.

iPhone or Android: I hate cell phones, but I have an iPhone. I actually like Blackberries the best.

Dancing ... yes or no: You're not going to see me salsa dancing ever, but I'm a dancing machine when it comes to weddings or going out. When I was in middle school or high school, I had to go to ballroom dancing classes. I hated it — every second of it. But I can do a mean fox-trot.

Twitter ... yes or no: I have a personal one and a work one. I am just learning how to use Twitter, so somebody else does my work one, and every once in a while I'll try to tweet on my regular one, but I really just don't get it still.

My longest relationship: I have no idea. Sometimes they just kind of drag on a little bit, so that's kind of a tough one.

My biggest goal right now: To be a scratch golfer. I'm getting there.

Celebrity crush: Either Blake Lively or Kate Upton.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: If you just get involved in the community, I think people will be amazed how many people they meet.

What do you find sexy about yourself? Anything I would say to that would be kind of pompous.

Why do you think you're single? I'm kind of picky and set in my ways.
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