20 Sexy Singles: Zoe Johnson

Zoe Johnson, 43

marketing manager

The perfect date: When you can be comfortable and have easy conversation. It's not where you are, I don't have a perfect guy I'm looking for, it's just who you connect and click with. Going to Dinner in the Dark by myself, I want to experience it. I don't have to worry about who I'm with. I do that a lot.

Something most people don't know about me: I'm not as strong as I appear.

My passion: I am very involved in a dog rescue, helping homeless dogs. My biggest passion in my 40s is finding peace and creating a drama-free life.

My favorite ... sports team: I like to go to games, but I don't follow a team. ... musician/band: Jack Johnson. ... TV show: Burn Notice. ... place in Cleveland: I love that we have so many great lake activities, so the beach! ... book: Patricia Highsmith who wrote The Talented Mr. Ripley for lowbrow, but really I read anything. I'm a book whore, but I also like obscure books, like Walking in Circles Before Lying Down. ... vacation destination: Dewey Beach in Delaware. ... way to exercise: I do yoga three times a week and also spin, and ride my bike a lot, especially in Chagrin Falls parks. Stand-up paddleboarding is my new love. ... month: October. I love the cool, brisk weather and leaves changing. ... website: J. Crew. ... drink: grapefruit juice.

My usual hangout: I go to the Burntwood Tavern for dinner a lot, but I'm more of an "in" person. I do a lot with my dogs and the parks.

In high school I was ... I was a chameleon, I was friends with all the groups, but didn't commit to anybody, I guess I blended in. I had popular friends, goths, stoners. I was exploring my personality and didn't come out of my shell then. I was looking in the windows to see what I wanted to be.

And now I'm ... probably the same. I have a core group of friends, but separate groups of friends who don't even know each other. In my 40s, I'm figuring out that [I] haven't figured out who I am. It's been some changing careers and learning how much more there is to learn about yourself.

My No. 1 dating rule: Don't talk about the past. I don't want to hear about your exes and I'm not telling you about mine.

My deal-breaker: Pleated pants.

On a first date I never ... go home with you or bring you home.

Biggest turn-on: Quick wit.

Biggest turnoff: Self-absorbed people.

My hidden talent: I can do some groovy yoga poses.

I own too many ... mittens. They all have their own little special place by the front door and have a mate.

My best feature: My personality.

My bad habit: Eating potato chips. I have bags of every variety in my pantry.

My first kiss: Junior high with somebody I was very fond of. He was my first real boyfriend. He tasted like 7-Up.

My guilty pleasure: Mineral sea salt bath.

How my ex would describe me: She's the one that got away.

How my best friend would describe me: Very supportive, nurturing, resourceful, always a problem-solver. A fixer

Going out or staying in: It depends. Going out needs to be worthwhile, because I like staying in. It really depends on the company.

Early, late or right on time: On time.

Morning person or night owl: Little of both, morning leaning.

Dogs or cats: Dogs.

iPhone or Android: Blackberry

Dancing ... yes or no: I dance like Elaine on Seinfeld. I tell people to dance with me at their own risk, but I love it.

Twitter ... yes or no: I'm still confused about twitter. I'm on twitter, but I have yet to learn how to use it.

My longest relationship: I was married for 10 years, but we were together 14 years. He wins the prize.

My biggest goal right now: To be a better person every day, healthier and happier and better. My daughter just moved out — she's 18 — so learning to be just me.

Celebrity crush: Michael Weatherly from NCIS.

Most unusual place I've met someone: That's the challenge! Nothing fancy so far. Still waiting to answer that question.

My take on Cleveland's single scene: Clevelanders tend to stay in their own groups. Different communities don't commingle much. There are a lot of singles out there, but it's hard to meet people out of your local group or community. It's almost like high school again where you know everyone around you.

What do you find sexy about yourself? Good energy. I'm funny and quirky, which catches some people off guard. I'm pretty direct, but I think that's what I have going for me.

Why do you think you are single? I haven't met the right one. Someone's going to have to knock me off my feet. I like being by myself and I am selective about who I spend my time with. I'm not one of those girls who is going to be in a relationship just to be in one.

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