Fastlane: Bill Rodgers

On May 22, 57-year-old road-racing legend Bill Rodgers returns to Cleveland to run the 10K race during the 28th-annual Rite Aid Marathon and 10K. "I retired from marathons in '92," says the man who still holds six American records and won the New York and Boston marathons four times each. "But I don't think I'll ever completely quit. I'm sort of uhm, obsessive-compulsive about my running."

Have you ever puked during a race?

No, but I was running next to this Kenyan gal once and she got sick.

Did you help her?

No, I ran faster.

If you weren't a runner, you would have been a ...

Oh, I've always been interested in wildlife, so probably something in that field. I still like going to the zoo with my kids.

Two-part question: Did you ever run from the police and did you tire them out?

I'd have to say I was kind of a semi-juvenile delinquent. Running brought structure and focus into my life.

Do you do the whole Band-Aids on your nipples thing?

That's never been a problem for me, actually.

Your best memory of Cleveland —and please don't say leaving.

It's been a while, but I really remember appreciating the old architecture of the city. It reminded me of Boston and Philadelphia.

Is "Marathon Man" your favorite movie?

As far as running movies go, "Chariots of Fire" was great.

You know when they're running in slow motion in that movie? That's how fast I run.

I'm not far behind you.

The coolest person you've ever run past in a race.

Once I did a race in Beverly Hills and I ran by Mr. Sulu [from "Star Trek"].

Have you ever considered taking a shortcut?

Believe me, there've been a few times I wish I had money with me for a ride.

Is your refrigerator running?

Is my what? Oh, I get it.

The strangest place you've ever run — and please don't say Euclid Avenue.

I ran to Hell and back.

Hey, I asked you not to say Euclid Avenue.

No, Hell is a little town in the Cayman Islands. I've also run in Moscow and Vietnam.

After 26.2 miles, is it hard to break the tape?

Trust me, there's plenty of energy left to break the tape.

I know you're from Boston and you might have the World Series and Super Bowl champs, but we've got Romeo now.

Right. Plus you've got LeBron, too. He's amazing.

I don't think he puts Band-Aids on his nipples, either.

Thanks for telling me. I was wondering about that.

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