Lindsey Sheldon

Lindsey Sheldon
Auditor, Ernst & Young

>Morning person or night owl? I’m definitely a night person. I wake up early, but I hate it.

>Life of the party or quiet and mysterious?  LOTP. I’m always up for meeting new people.

>Books or magazines? I have a short attention span, so I read mostly magazines. Us Weekly, People, Glamour — nothing too deep.

>Clean and neat or cluttered and cozy? I’m cluttered. I’m not dirty, but I’m messy. I’m a pack rat.

>Your best feature: My smile. It’s cliché, I know.

>Your ideal date: I like doing fun activities, and I’m open to new things. I like college football.

>Three things you can’t live without: Cell phone, Internet, friends and family.

>How would your best friend describe you? Outgoing, thoughtful, selfless and fun.

>How would your ex describe you? Driven, a little too focused on work.

>What would you do if you didn’t have to work? Travel the world, volunteer and help people.

>What do you wish more men knew about women? That girls aren’t always looking to get married. We can enjoy being casual.

>What’s your favorite on earth? Aruba. ... way to relax? Kicking back with a glass of Merlot. ... TV show? “Grey’s Anatomy.”  ... movie? “Sweet Home Alabama.” ... drink? I’m a Miller Lite kind of girl.

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