Most Interesting People 2010 - David Marburger

David Marburger
Media law attorney | 55

Why he’s interesting … Marburger started a controversy in media-news circles this year with his proposal to change copyright law to defend news organizations against “unfair competition” from aggregators that rewrite their content. He co-authored Access With Attitude, an advocate’s guide to Ohio’s public records laws, due from Ohio University Press this spring. (Full disclosure: He also happens to be Cleveland Magazine’s lawyer.)

The little red hen … Newspapers are like the Little Red Hen in the folk tale, Marburger says: They work to harvest news like the hen worked to make wheat into bread. But today, “all the other barn animals are allowed to take 100 percent of her work product and sell it in competition with her and each other. If she is selling her bread, and they’re selling her bread without incurring her cost, they’re going to drive her out of business.”

Big audience … He’s presented his idea for a change to the law in an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times and The Plain Dealer, in a teleconference with Russian news agencies and in a talk with top media attorneys in New York City.

First in his class … Marburger finished first in the 50-54 age group in the 2008 Cleveland Triathlon. To train, he bikes 20 miles most summer mornings and runs to and from swim practice four times a week.

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