Most Interesting People 2010 - Pinkey S. Carr

Pinkey S. Carr
Assistant prosecutor for
Cuyahoga County | 44

Why she’s interesting … Carr received the 2009 Prosecutor of the Year Award for her exemplification of tenacity, integrity and professionalism in the pursuit of justice.

Tough to crack … A major trial unit prosecutor, she only works on rape and murder cases.

Serving the public … She’s worked in the public sector her entire career. “It’s more than my job. I feel like it’s my mission.”

Making history … “I don’t think any person in my office has prosecuted a serial murderer before.” She will be one of two co-prosecutors trying the Anthony Sowell case in the coming months.

Early influence … Her TV insight into the field of law was Perry Mason. The show helped convince Carr that she wanted to go into law as early as age 3. “I never had a backup plan.”

And now … She avoids lawyer shows but is a fan of 24. “My friends and family know not to call me between 9 and 10 on Monday.”

By the numbers … 17 years, more than 1,000 cases, more than 20 in 2008. The expected number for an average prosecutor in one year is 12.

Pinkey? … Her name comes from her paternal grandmother. Carr’s mom was originally against it but compromised for Carr’s middle name, Susan, after her maternal grandmother.

Sticking with it … She planned to change her name but got used to it. Others didn’t. She still meets those who don’t believe it’s her real name.

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