Single in the City: Cynthia Deering

Cynthia Deering, 60, Deering Vintage owner

Hidden talent: At this age, there's not much hidden anymore.

Biggest fear: I suppose dying without doing everything I want to do.

My bad habit: There's too many to list.

My guilty pleasure: Oh, mashed potatoes and gravy.

You'd never guess: That I chase stray cats down the street and try to catch them on West 25th Street.

I can't live without: Coffee.

My hero: My dad.

On my bucket list: I want to go to Paris again.

Biggest accomplishment: I think taking care of my parents when they were old.

When I'm not working: I'm making jewelry. I take gold vintage pieces, ones that have holes or broken backs, and put them together. I sell them at the store.

Find me here on a Saturday night: Probably on my couch.

If I had one wish: To be incredibly wealthy. What the heck?

Once-in-a-lifetime moment: Singing a duet with Harry Nilsson at the [Hotel] Bel-Air in Beverly Hills at the piano.

On death row, my last meal would be: Boy, with all these restaurants around here, my last meal? Probably lobster, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.

If I won the Mega Millions, I'd spend it on: I'd give a million dollars to each of my girlfriends so we'd all be rich and be able to travel and do things.

My No. 1 dating rule: Don't put out on the first date.

Deal-breakers: If a man talks too much about himself and is a big blowhard.

The perfect date: Probably cocktails and listening to jazz.

I'm a sucker for: A well-dressed man.

Most romantic thing you've ever done: Gave a man a foot rub. Nice for him!

What I look for in a significant other: A sense of humor. And he's got to have a job.

Celebrity dream date: Christopher Walken because he's interesting. Or at least he seems interesting.

Celebrity look-alike: Actually, Stevie Nicks

Dogs or cats: Both. I have cats, but only because I'm not allowed to have a dog, too. The apartment building I live in doesn't allow dogs.

Beach or mountains: The beach because I like warm weather and I like the water.

Signature dish: Probably a pork roast.

How I stay healthy: I go for long walks.

Favorite ... love story: It's on TV every Christmas — Love Actually. ... book: Diana Vreeland's biography. ... TV show: It's Shark Tank. I love that. ... movie: Love Actually. ... blog: The Sartorialist. ... music: Earth, Wind & Fire. And I like old Frank Sinatra, stuff like that. ... restaurant: Orale! ... app: You know what? Pandora. How's that?

What I'm reading: Bringing Home the Birkin by Michael Tonello.

iPod embarrassment: Nothing embarrasses me on my iPod. At this age I can play what I want.

I'm so over: Vegans, gluten-free — all of that.

Dream job: Concierge.

Dream vacation: New York City.

Best date I've been on: Probably when I was told to pack light and we ended up on a plane to New York City.

Worst date I've been on: I did have one date where he didn't stop talking about himself and I thought I was going to die of boredom. It was hell.

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