Singles Out: Junius Sanford

Junius Sanford, 34
Property manager

The perfect date: is excitement. I love excitement; I love adrenaline. Anything that takes her out of her element. I sky-dive; I scuba dive; I would love to climb a mountain — an out-and-about activity. Not as a first date, but that’s the perfect date.
Something most people don’t know about me: I’d like to backpack through India alone before I get married. And I would like to start a foundation or a house for battered women to help them transition into their new life. They could get themselves together, work on getting a job — just give them a residence if they have nowhere else to go. I want to be that bridge from getting out of something bad to getting it together and then starting a new, great life.
My cell phone: No cell phone ring tones. I’ve had mine on vibrate for the last 10 years — my phone rings too much to hear any song constantly.

Biggest turn-on:
I love a woman with a great pair of high heels.
Biggest turnoff: Unshaved underarms and legs
I own too many: [pairs of] boxers. I could leave underwear in every car in a parking lot and still have some left for the next month.

My favorite … place in Cleveland:
I love eating at Blue Point Grille. No matter what time, what day, they always treat me like I’m the only customer in there; they wait on me hand and foot. The customer service there is awesome. … sports team: I would have to say right now the Cavs are doing an awesome job. … book: Sex with the Queen by Eleanor Herman. Just the title alone makes you pick it up. I learned so much about queens. We think they have it so good. … vacation destination: Israel was fun; Jamaica was fun; Puerto Rico, Miami were fun. I love warm places. But every place I’ve been has been fun. … dessert: creme brulee. I like brownies and ice cream, too. … blog: I don’t have one, but I like to read Business Weekly’s Web site.

Facebook: yes or no?
I do have a Facebook account so I can reassociate with old friends and acquaintances and inform them of what I’m doing.
My usual hangout: I buy and sell homes, so I probably spend more time at Home Depot than anyone else in the world.
In high school I was … comical. Not quite the class clown; I was a little better than that. I was more on the witty side. The class clown stands on his head; I never stood on my head.
My passion: I’m passionate for the adrenaline rush.
My best feature: My hands. People love how I use my hands; they say I’m very creative and soothing.

My bad habit:
I never stay focused. And some things I know I should give up, but I never do.

My first kiss:
I don’t remember my first kiss, but I could tell you about the kiss last night.
My guilty pleasure: Racing my motorcycle on the freeway. The older I get, the guiltier I feel. When I’m on my motorcycle, an alter ego comes out; it’s not me. So when we ride and the police get behind us, we don’t stop. I have a Suzuki Hayabusa 1340, which is the fastest motorcycle in production.
How my ex would describe me: I think she would say I’m [like the word] supercalifragalisticexpialidocious. It’s fun, but you don’t understand it.

Blondes or brunettes:

Going out or staying in:
Go out — then take her back home.
Early, late or right on time: Just a little late. I really want to be on time, but I keep adding things to the chore list.

Dogs or cats:
Monkeys. I would love to buy one of those Capuchin monkeys.
My longest relationship: Me and this lady from high school were off and on for about 15 years.

Beer, wine or martinis:
Red wine. I love merlot.
Roses or chocolates: I would say both because I like to overwhelm.

My No. 1 dating rule:
My dating rule is that I always need to be prepared for anything. I make sure I’m well-groomed, my house is tidy, and I have money for whatever [happens].
My deal-breaker: If she’s too needy. But [also] too many children; three is too many for me.

I hate when a date orders …
She can order what she wants. I want her to enjoy it.
Worst pickup line: There’s no bad pickup line if you get what you want.

If I could marry anyone:
Angelina Jolie. She’s in shape, and she has a lot of sex appeal.
On a first date I never … set limits. I’ll do anything.

Best place to meet someone:
Don’t limit yourself; you can meet someone anywhere.
Most unusual place I’ve met someone: I met a woman standing in line for the only bathroom stall in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. We both were waiting to use the bathroom, and we both were trying to get in. And then she said, “Come on, let’s share,” so we introduced ourselves.

My take on Cleveland’s single scene:
You have to go out to get what you want. I’m not on the singles scene; I’m more of a worker than a partyer. But I do think there’s always someone single to be swooped up and taken on a date.
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