Singles Out: Nikki Mann

Nikki Mann, 24
Hair stylist, Rometrics Salon
The perfect date: My perfect date would be something as simple as a dinner and a movie. A nice dinner out somewhere, probably a quiet dinner. I like romantic places to eat. And a cute movie.

Something most people don’t know about me: I do plays and musicals on the side. I’m a director and choreographer. I’ve done Willy Wonka, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, High School Musical — all the fun shows.

My cell phone: It’s a touch screen. No ring tone. It’s always on vibrate.

Biggest turn-on: I like when a guy smells good. Then I know he’s clean. I like good colognes. I guess I like the Axe stuff. I’m a typical girl. I like those commercials.

Biggest turnoff: Someone that’s on their cell phone too much. I’ve been on dates where people are just on their cell phone and texting the whole time, and it’s just annoying.

I own too many: Sunglasses. I own at least 15 pairs. I have a little fetish.

My favorite … place in Cleveland: I like going to Cavs games. Basketball is my favorite sport. … sports team: I’m not a big sports fan, but I like the Cavs, and I like basketball. My favorite player is Mo [Williams]. … book: I just read those Twilight books, and I’m obsessed with them. I’m not a big book person, but I started reading them, and I read all four in a month and a half. … vacation destination: Probably St. Thomas. The beaches are beautiful, and they had a lot of good jewelry stores. … dessert: Tiramisu. It’s very good. I usually get it at Carrabba’s or any nice Italian restaurant. … blog: I don’t really do that too much.

Facebook: yes or no? Yes. I keep in touch with all my high school and college friends. But I’m not one of those obsessive people. Actually, I’ve just gotten into Twittering, and that’s what I’ve been a little more obsessed with than Facebook.

My usual hangout: When I have time, I usually just go to wine bars. A couple of the girls and I just go and hang out at wine bars at Crocker Park, like 87 West or Rocky River. Or I just hang out at friends’ houses. I like white zinfandel and pinot grigio.

In high school I was … cheerleader.

My passion: I love fashion and any kind of creative outlet to that because I’m a hair stylist, and I love keeping up with fashion and any kind of mainstream things. Favorite clothing store would either be H&M or Express.

My best feature: If I’m going to be vain, I’ll say my best feature would be my eyes. They’re kind of an amber brown.

My bad habit: I crack my fingers all the time. It’s usually when I’m bored.

My first kiss: I had a bad first kiss. It was disgusting. I think I was in eighth grade, too, so I was pretty old for a first kiss. It was sloppy. It was a gross guy and a bad situation.

My guilty pleasure: Ice cream. I love chocolate and peanut butter chunk.

How my ex would describe me: Perfect. No, just kidding. They would describe me as a good person. I don’t have any bad exes. We’re all on good terms.

Blonds or brunets: Brunet, because I think they’re more attractive. I like the tall, dark and handsome type.

Going out or staying in: That depends. I like doing both. Especially in the wintertime, I like staying in because it’s cold outside, but I also like to go out every once in a while and just have a good time going out with friends. But I can be a low-key person, just like to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.

Early, late or right on time: Early. I’m always an early person. I hate when people are late, especially because I’m in an industry where I work on a timely schedule. I always try to be 10 minutes early to any kind of appointment or anything. Sometimes you can’t help it, but …

Dogs or cats: Dogs. I’ve always had dogs. They’re more of people lovers. Cats are a little bit more skittish, and I think dogs are cuter.

My longest relationship: Three years

Beer, wine or martinis: Wine. I don’t like beer, and martinis are too strong, so wine is kind of right in the middle.

Roses or chocolates: That’s a toss-up. I like roses because I like flowers, but I love chocolate. I think I like chocolate better. I probably eat chocolate every day. Roses die, and chocolate tastes good.

My No. 1 dating rule: No kissing on the first date. I’ve had guys that were a little too forward. Total turnoff.

My deal-breaker: Well, I’m a Christian and I’m a religious person, so anyone who doesn’t kind of have the same views as I do would be a deal-breaker, probably. Or anyone with kids.

I hate when a date orders … a martini. It’s too girly of a drink.

Worst pickup line: “You must be tired because you’ve been running through my head all day.”

If I could marry anyone: Johnny Depp. He’s sexy. He’s kind of like the bad boy.

On a first date I never… tell all my secrets. Have to keep them wanting more.

Best place to meet someone: Definitely not a bar. Most guys in bars are only after one thing, and that is not me. Either a work environment or I should be a good girl and say church.

Most unusual place I’ve met someone: On a cruise ship. I was with my family and younger; this was five years ago. It was a cute thing. It was all of six days.

My take on Cleveland’s single scene: I haven’t met anybody yet. I think the pickings are slim. I’m a little picky, so I guess it’s probably my problem, too.
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