Vested Interest

Chad Zumock's voice hasn't been heard on Cleveland radio waves since November 2012, when he was fired after being charged with drunken driving — a charge he was acquitted of in May. But thanks to The Sit Down Zumock Podcast!, we've been able to enjoy the sweater-vested one's comedic stylings along with guests such as Mike Polk Jr. and Jim Florentine from VH1's That Metal Show. Zumock answered a few questions before a live recording of his podcast at Lakewood's Vosh nightclub.

Q | Why do you have so many comedians on the podcast?

A: I like to book a lot of comedians because they're interesting people. A lot are introverted, but they've gone into this weird world of comedy because of some sort of mental situation or a disturbance in their childhood. But comedians are ridiculously smart and have a lot of observations no normal person will ever have.

Q | Why start the podcast?

A: When I got charged with the DUI, it seemed like everything just started falling down. I talked to [comedian] Jim Florentine. [He said], "You've got a nice little following from the radio show. You need to take advantage of that and embrace podcasting because a lot of comedians are doing it." I sought out how to go about doing it the right way. I just didn't want to do some shitty podcast.

Q | Do you want to get back on the radio?

A: I felt like I kind of caught a groove and the [Alan Cox] show got really successful from bits I wrote and guests I booked. It was a perfect storm. It was my hometown, and I loved it. I would love to eventually, but if it never happens, I'm having a good time doing what I do now.


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