Yolanda Windsor

Dietitian, Southwest General Health Center.      

Jan. 1: “This year, I’m going to quit smoking and be nicer to other people.” Jan. 3: “Out of my way, you idiot. And where are my cigarettes?” Yes, it’s New Year’s resolution time, the mother of them all being: “This year, I’m going to lose weight.” “This is definitely our busiest time,” says Yolanda Windsor, outpatient clinical registered dietitian at Southwest General Health Center. “The trick is to keep them coming back.”

Everybody’s a big talker in January, aren’t they?
A lot of people forget it took them years to put weight on, and then they think it’s all going to go away in a week. It doesn’t work that way.

C’mon, what’s so bad about a few dozen extra pounds?
Obesity leads to so many other health problems: hypertension, diabetes, joint problems, heart issues.

You’re making me not want to eat again.
Sometimes I make myself not want to eat again.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?
Our whole world is about super-sizing. Bigger is better. Also, I think our high-tech world has made people very lazy.

When someone comes in to get weighed, do you ever step on the back of the scale and make them nervous?
I’m not that mean.

Other than everything I eat, what kind of food is taboo?
It’s not so much the kind of food as it is the portion of food. But that’s hard for people. I show clients a 3-ounce piece of meat — which is the size of a wallet — and they say, “I can eat that in one bite!”

Thoughts on Atkins.
It probably will work for a couple of weeks. But it’s not something anyone could follow long-term.

The grapefruit diet.
Tell me anyone you know who could eat grapefruits 24/7.

A lot of people seem to lose weight and then put it back on. Why?
Maintenance is so hard. Once you reach a goal, it’s difficult to understand that’s not the end. It’s about every day … forever.

How do you feel about that guy on TV who eats 50 hotdogs in 12 minutes?
I’ve seen him. He’s skinny. He must exercise a lot. Good for him.

The ultimate weight loss advice is:
Eat more often with less food. Smaller meals.

Your secret food craving.
I love spaghetti. It’s my true comfort food. I do watch the sauce, though.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Oh, please. I usually make one, but I never follow through with it.

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